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Why We Exist.


of black businesses have less than five employees


Estimated wealth

African Americans in 2035


In 2022 North Carolina was the top state for business


of black businesses succeed past the startup phase


In North Carolina, recognized as the top state for business since 2022, not everyone shares in its economic prosperity. BIPOC communities, often situated near thriving business districts, face enduring systemic barriers rooted in historical disenfranchisement. They struggle to access funds for business growth, encounter challenges in property acquisition, and have limited opportunities in corporate sectors.

Unfortunately, this problem is not just in North Carolina but is a nationwide issue. Economic growth in areas rich with technology and business does not always reach the communities closest to them. Prosperity Now's "Road to Zero Wealth" report paints a grim future, predicting that African American wealth could disappear by 2053 if nothing changes. This is due to a lack of support for Black entrepreneurs, insufficient resources for starting and growing businesses, and a shortage of educational programs tailored to the needs of these communities.

We are here to change this narrative. Our goal is to break down these barriers and create opportunities for BIPOC entrepreneurs to lead, innovate, and prosper. We're committed to ensuring economic success is inclusive and accessible, promoting fair access to resources, supporting real estate ventures, and enhancing educational opportunities for all.

How We Work.



Gain deep insights into systemic barriers and equitable real estate opportunities through our co-authored reports and symposiums, empowering BIPOC entrepreneurs with essential knowledge for sustainable economic growth.


Partner with us to create impactful collaborations among banks, institutional investors, and foundations, fostering a thriving ecosystem that supports BIPOC entrepreneurs in accessing crucial financial resources and investment opportunities.


Experience the transformative impact of our initiatives as we empower BIPOC communities to lead and innovate, driving sustainable economic prosperity and resilience in underserved areas through strategic consulting and educational programs.


Our mission is to create a more prosperous, and equitable economy.

At ResilNC, our mission is to dismantle systemic barriers and cultivate a thriving ecosystem for BIPOC entrepreneurs. We do this by fostering powerful collaborations among banks, institutional investors, foundations, think tanks, business owners, and educational institutions. Through co-authoring insightful reports, orchestrating in-person convenings, hosting online symposiums, and providing consulting services, we facilitate access to essential resources, promote equitable real estate opportunities, and deliver targeted educational programs. These initiatives empower BIPOC communities to lead, innovate, and achieve sustainable economic prosperity, driving meaningful change and resilience in underserved areas.


Join us as we collaborate with partners across various sectors to drive positive, sustainable change and empower BIPOC communities.

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