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Partner with ResilNC to support historically marginalized business owners across North Carolina.


 Thank you to all that attended the Black Business Forum 2021. It was a success, over 700 Attendees!​

Special Thank You to Governor Cooper, HUB Office-North Carolina, NC Department of Administration, State of North Carolina our many Speakers and Guests.​

Topics across entrepreneurship, finance, and general advisory services were discussed, connections were made, and actions were taken! The ResilNC team will continue to advance the work and create a more prosperous community of Black Businesses across North Carolina and beyond. ​


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Download the Report


This need for longer-term recovery and resiliency focused capital is right around the corner, and without it, our black and brown businesses are likely to stall and potentially fail. We must begin our work now if we are to be ready.



Partners in Equity, the private equity fund that supports ResilNC is committed to ensuring that black and brown businesses across NC are deeply rooted--specifically as owners of the buildings and land where their companies grow. We leverage community insights, data analytics and impact investments to do this work. Today's concurrent crises of public health, the economy's deterioriation and general capital constraings--all uniquely challenging with outsized impacts to black and brown communities and business owners--make our mission and approach more critical than ever. Partners in Equity is a private real estate investment fund and Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund.


The CARES Act (March 2020) offers essential, albeit temporary, relief to small businesses who have been impacted by the operational, workforce and economic consequences of COVID-19. While this response capital may have provided interim relief to companies facing immediate cash flow and operational hurdles, this capital will not sustain companies as they navigate from response and relief to recovery and resilience. This is where we are uniquely positioned, especially for black and brown businesses. Our ResilNC initiative helps us capture more accurate data around the experiences of minority-owned businesses across the state.


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Elevate the distinct capital needs of community-critical black and brown businesses across the NC.


Forecast the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis on black and brown businesses.


Drive mission-aligned capital investment (equity and debt) into these businesses and the community organizations that support them.


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Help us gather data to inform how capital and resources are distributed to black and brown businesses.